Environmental Studies Intern Scholarship

The Environmental Studies Intern Scholarship has been established to recognize and provide assistance to students in the Environmental Studies or Environmental Science programs. It is specifically meant to provide undergraduate students with a scholarship to offset the costs of an un-paid internship from one to three credit hours that is required for graduation. All students majoring in either Environmental Science or Environmental Studies are encouraged to apply. The scholarship will be applied to tuition, but the second disbursement (if applicable) will be revoked if a student withdraws from the course or earns a grade of “UE” or “I.” This scholarship may be used for immediate upcoming summer, fall, or winter internships.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please describe where you plan on completing the Environmental Studies 385 unpaid internship?
  2. In which semester will you complete the internship?
  3. Please attach a letter of recommendation from a UM-Dearborn faculty member who will verify your standing and commitment to completing the requirements for graduation with a major in either Environmental Studies or Environmental Science. This can be the same faculty letter you used for the general application.